Are you looking for help with wellbeing in your school

Are you tired of watching your friends and colleagues struggle? Juggling their never ending to do list and neglecting their own well-being? 

Maybe you are tired.

With many years experience working as a teacher in both Primary and Secondary settings Kate is sympathetic to the challenges of the job. She understands the overwhelm and can relate to the feelings you may be experiencing.

Kate draws on both her experience working as a teacher and her understanding of mindfulness. She believes a holistic approach is important education and really makes a difference in schools. By offering a range of service packages she is able to facilitate change in your setting whatever your budget and help you to really start making a positive impact in your school. If none of these packages suit your needs just contact us and we will arrange a custom package for your school or organisation. 

Kate can help your school

There are many ways we can work together to create calmer classrooms.

  • Staff INSET sessions covering all aspects of staff wellbeing. You will leave the session knowing what stress is, the causes of stress and how to deal with it. You will take away a range of strategies you can use immediately as well as relaxation techniques to prevent the build up of stress in the future. Contact me to discuss your training needs.
  • Training to help you deliver mindfulness and relaxation more confidently. If you would like me to guide you through the Calmer Classrooms resources and explain the various ways these can be delivered in your school. Contact me to discuss your needs.
  • Calmer Classrooms resources. If you feel your staff have a good grasp of mental health requirements but you are looking for a comprehensive range of resources that you can download and use today. Find out more about my resources. Find out more about my resources.

Thank you so much for your contribution today I am sure that you have prompted thinking in each of the Heads in attendance and your warm style was appreciated.

Caroline Humphries

Director , PHRP Ltd


  • Teaching lessons to children from early years right through to KS5.  Students leave the lesson with techniques to help them handle stress and stay calm able to really thrive at school. An anxious or stressed brain cannot process information efficiently so if you want see a noticeable improvement in your results ensuring that your children are relaxed and happy is the most important change you can make. Get in touch to book your lesson.
  • Delivering full day workshops in schools to help students with exam preparation or just to help build resilience. Students leave these activity days knowing the importance of staying calm, how stress works and a wide range of fun techniques to use at home and at school to help them stay relaxed and happy. Get in touch to book your workshop.
  • SATs/GCSE/GCE relaxation sessions called “Stay Calm for Success”. In only one hour, students learn a wide range of ways to stay calm both during the lead up to their exams and also techniques they can use during their exams. They will know why it is so important to stay calm and focused so they can really achieve their potential. Discuss your exam relaxation needs.

“The children really enjoyed the session. They have simple techniques to use, especially in the lead up to the SATs”

Mrs J Seabright

Deputy Head and Y6 Teacher, Alexandra Park Junior School, Oldham, UK

If there is anything relating to wellbeing and the emotional health of your staff and students concerning you, please get in touch.

It is so  important is that we care for everyone in our schools. From the Governors and Headteacher down to our smallest nursery children, keeping stress at a healthy level enables everyone to feel happy about going to school every day.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these sessions please get in touch for available dates and costs.

“Engaging and relatable,… interesting and beneficial. This was the best session we’ve had so far.”

Secondary PGCE Students

Telford City Technology College

 Educating trainee teachers

I am passionate about teaching trainees and giving them the tools they need to not only help the children in their classes but also give them strategies to ensure that they don’t become another statistic leaving the profession due to personal stress.

Find out more information about my work with trainee teachers. 


In order to enable me to help as many teachers as possible I have created a range of Mindfulness and Relaxation Lesson Plans and MP3s which are very affordable and can be downloaded instantly from the Resources Page.


If you would like to see examples of the sort of techniques used in these lessons there are some free downloadable lesson plans too which are slightly less detailed but give you a good idea of what to expect.


I love giving teachers the strategies they need to tackle their own stress levels, and the anxiety and stress their pupils may be experiencing.

If you are concerned about yourself or a colleague please get in touch.

If you just want to give your students the life skills they need to lead calm and mentally strong lives…

Calmer Classrooms will help you!



Make sure you read my blog for even more information about creating a Calmer Classroom.



  • Please visit my T&C’s for more information
  • Please get in touch to find out if your school is within our free travel zone, if not mileage is charged at 45p a mile from Stafford, UK

“The most useful personal development session I’ve ever had”

Anonymous Teacher

Lawley Village Primary, Shropshire

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