“Out of My Window” is the latest “Rhyme and Sign” Adventure. It follows in the footsteps of “At the Bottom of My Garden” and “Our Farmyard Friends” in this charming series of children’s book.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful books I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are created by a team of experts, with the support of Little Signers Club, which was founded by my good friend Shelley Ensor. I have known Shelley for a number of years now, in fact the very first children’s meditation I created with my musician husband, Ian, was for Shelley’s classes.

I am a big believer that everyone should know at least the basics of sign language. Introducing babies and small children to sign language is a wonderful way to ensure that they grow up with an understanding that there are many different forms of communication in the world.

I have been a big fan of these books from day one. With their beautiful illustrations, charmingly rhythmic language and captivating story lines these beautiful books are a favourite with adults and children.

I particularly love how easy to follow the signs are which accompany each page of the story. You can see in this photo that the key words from each page are illustrated and the sign shown so that you and the children can sign along as you read. The little characters show you the sign so beautifully that it is easy to follow and fun to learn to sign.

Why am I talking about a Rhyme and Sign book when I’m a calmer classrooms creator?

It’s simple! I have some copies of this beautiful book to give away. Since most of you reading this are either teachers, nursery nurses, teaching assistants, homeschoolers or childminders I thought it would be lovely to celebrate this beautiful new book with a giveaway.

The rules are very simple.

There are three competitions going on, one here, one on my Facebook Page and one on my Calmer Classrooms Instagram account.

To enter here you must:

Make sure you sign up for my newsletter and email me telling me why you would like to win a copy for your school/nursery.

To enter the Facebook competition you must:

Like my Facebook Page

Like the Little Signers Club Facebook Page

and like, comment on and share the pinned post about the competition.

To enter the Instagram competition you must:

Follow Calmer Classrooms on Instagram

Follow Little Signers Club on Instagram

and like, comment on and share the competition post with your Instagram followers using the hashtag #calmerclassrooms.

We decided to run three separate competitions as we know that some teachers use Facebook and some don’t, some use Instagram some don’t, so we thought it would give everyone a chance.

Of course gives some of you three chances to win! 

The winners will be drawn on Monday 22nd October and notified before midday (GMT) on Tuesday 23rd October,  so you have two weeks to get sharing with your friends and colleagues and hopefully win one of these lovely books for your school.

Good luck everyone!

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