Passion is an interesting word. 

I believe it is too often associated with intimacy and sex when for me what it is really about is that drive, that burning desire to do something, whatever it is that sets your soul on fire.

Teachers are passionate about the well being and education of the children in their class. That is a magical and powerful thing.

People are passionate about all sorts of things. Anything can become a passion and I believe if we all really stop and think about it we all have a passion. It might be music, baking, a particular sport, reading, theatre, games, hiking, flying, travelling… the possibilities are endless but if we allow ourselves time to think about it there is at lease one thing that makes us happy, that might have always made us happy. 

I’m sure you can think of at least one passion you have if not several. I know I have many passions! 

Why is it important to share our passions with children?

Whether the children are in your class or your family, I believe that sharing our passions is so important. 


Well, there are several reasons:

  • If they don’t see that you have passions how will they know that adults still get really excited about things
  • You might introduce them to something which will then become one of their passions
  • Any imparting of knowledge is only ever a good thing

How often do we share our true passions with the children around us? 

Do your class know that you are a massive Harry Potter fan or that you love baking? I suspect they probably do. But do you understand the amazing impact that may be having on them?

I have been reminded of this phenomena so much recently.

We have been to my daughter’s parents evening this week. She is doing brilliantly. It made me smile because the subjects that she really shines at are the same subjects I always loved too; English literature, performing arts, history. She also shines in music and photography. She gets those from her Dad.

I watch my son playing football. I know that he loves it with a passion I will never understand. He gets that from his Dad and his older brother. The passion he gets from me is his social and emotional intelligence. He is incredibly caring and loves spending time with younger children and helping them, even though he isn’t 10yrs old yet. 

They both love music, which they get from both of us, but their amazing ear and natural ability to just pick up and instrument play it they definitely get from their Dad. The ability to remember song lyrics might be me though!

Last night we shared one of my husband’s passions for the first time with all three of our children, something we rarely get a chance to do given that our eldest is 24yrs old and our youngest is only 9yrs old. Usually there is a staggered introduction but for Christmas last year we all got tickets to go see the War of the Worlds Tour. My husband has loved this story and the music Jeff Wayne created since he was a little boy sitting in the dark in his parents dining room with his head phones on listening to his LP (that’s a big record for anyone under 35, a record is a big black disc that plays music for anyone under 30 😉 ).

We have been to see this amazing show several times over the years

Although I wasn’t really familiar with the music at first I am now a fan too (Ian shared his passion and I discovered a new passion too, see it works!). The children have listened to the music over the years and our daughter has even read the book now because she was so intrigued by the story, but none of them had ever been to see the show. It was such a lovely experience taking them all to see something so important to my husband together and seeing their reactions.

Over the years I have been fascinated to see our children collect our passions and add their own too.

Our daughter loves going to the theatre and in particular musicals, something I have always loved too. I love the old musicals. Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane… but also the musicals which were still relatively new when I was her age; Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera… She of course loves Hamilton and Dear Evan Hanson. We both love Wicked and Matilda and we’re always happy to accompany each other on a trip to see anything at the theatre. 

My son has had several passions; The Beatles, David Bowie, Lego, Star Wars, Spiderman, Harry Potter and of course football. All of these passions were introduced to him by someone he loves. He would never have known who The Beatles were when he was 6 years old had it not been for his Dad’s passion. He shared his passion and enriched our son’s life as a result.

When I was teaching I shared my love of music and dancing every chance I got with my classes and when I see ex-students now they often mention the fact that they still think of me when they hear certain tunes. 20 years on that’s quite an impact to have had!

What is your passion? 

How can you use it to enrich the lives of your children and those in your class?

Do you find time to pursue it even when you are busy?

Spending a few hours doing something you really love will light you up for days, sometimes weeks afterwards. It is NEVER time wasted. It is one of the highest forms of self care and yet so often it is seen as an indulgence. You wouldn’t want your children to grow up depriving themselves of something they really love, would you? If they don’t see you leading by example they will grow up thinking adults don’t have anything that lights them up. That as an adult you always have to sacrifice what you love doing. 

When was the last time you shared something you are passionate about with your students?

Try it. 

You might be surprised at the impact it has. 

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