I am always so grateful to receive messages and testimonials from teachers I have worked with or who have bought my resources. I love hearing how the staff and children have reacted to the sessions and resources.

We all look at reviews when we are buying things on line so if I have visited your school or you have used any Calmer Classroom resources please take the time to get in touch.



“Kate has a wonderful talent and I would recommend her sessions.” 

Marneta Viegas

Director, Relax Kids

“There is so much stuff out there these days for Mindfulness, but I love yours because it is relevant, easy to follow, incorporates a variety of strategies and is cross curricular. I also love that you can incorporate the building blocks over the week so they are familiar and then apply them in the story. You are brilliant. I will miss the new units. They were like Christmas morning!”

Canadian Teacher

“We had Kate in to work with our year 6 prior to SATs and then to complete a staff CPD session.   The children are still talking about it daily!  They felt it really helped them to focus, learn about themselves and how to just stop and be still.  The staff had a great time also, we learnt we need to stop drinking as much coffee and that we need to make sure we look after ourselves so we can look after our children!  Overall a fantastic afternoon and so important to me as a head, because looking after your staff, yourself and the mental health and wellbeing of your school community should always come before anything else!”

Carla Whelan

Head teacher, Oakmeadow CE Primary and Nursery, Shropshire, UK

I have worked with Kate to develop a bespoke on-going programme of support for our primary and secondary trainees to help them to recognise the causes and symptoms of stress and, more importantly, to help them to develop effective strategies and the necessary resilience to enable them to manage these so that they do not impact on their work life balance or their relationships with children, colleagues, family and friends. We have tried to ensure that the timing of these sessions is carefully matched to the recognised ‘pinch points’ in our trainees’ programme in order that we are able to provide the right support at the right times. As Kate herself has said, she provides ‘something magical’ to help them in the early stages of their career – and beyond.

As a former teacher herself, Kate is ideally placed to provide a diverse range of training sessions which are credible and well-matched to the cohort’s needs. They focus on the trainee’s own personal well-being and provide a range of strategies that quite simply work. The feedback received from our trainees – and from our Quality Assurance Advisor – has been incredibly positive and the impact on withdrawal rates has been marked. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough, especially as I believe that, as providers and headteachers, we have a responsibility to support the next generation of teachers in developing the skills and strategies needed to enjoy a long and continued career in the teaching profession. 

Su Plant

Director of ITT, West Midlands Consortium

“Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

Lots of information and great support for us to get going on the right track.

Keep doing this please!”

Member of Staff

Kingsley Special School, Kettering, UK

“I’m loving the whole school programme. My class are looking forward to that part of the day already. They are talking about “Take a Breath Tuesday”, “Wake up your Body Wednesday” etc. I very definitely have a calmer classroom since introducing mindfulness it in – and the way I first introduced it last year was using your Harry Potter lesson, which immediately had them pupils interested and engaged.”

Fiona MacNab

P3 Teacher, Scotland, UK

"Engaging and relatable,… interesting and beneficial. This was the best session we’ve had so far."

Secondary PGCE Student

Telford City Technology College

“Kate Beddow has created a wonderful program for mindfulness to be used in schools. My grade three and four students get over the moon happy whenever we do the program. The movement aspect is fun and engaging. They love the different breathing techniques and the posters are awesome for visual aids to help them visualize the techniques.  Their favourite is Dragon breathing. They also love the Thoughtful Thursday section, and we regularly do mindful eating. Imagine 8 and 9 year olds taking half an hour to eat 3 raisins! They said They had never realized how raisins really tasted! They are actually asking for mindfulness regularly, and report they are using their breathing techniques at home and before stressful or nerve wracking activities. The mindful lessons are so well organized and detailed. With a little synopsis of theme and main idea, students leap whole heartedly into acting out the “story ” using a combination of movement,  breathing techniques and yoga poses. It literally takes your breath away to watch them. I am so grateful we found this program. It is absolutely magnificent. Thank you so much Kate!”

Daphne Livingston Gray

Class Teacher, Canada

“I can’t begin to tell you how much you and your website have helped me in the last few years. I have been teaching 28 years… your wise words do help calm my spirit. Thank you so much”

Lynn Williams


“Kate tailored the session for our staff specifically to our requests. The calm, engaging and caring way in which Kate led the evening ensured that all staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were able to take away a range of practical techniques and ideas to try out and use. The session was a big success with all staff, who really appreciated Kate’s ability to facilitate for them a few hours where they could take the time to stop and focus on themselves!”

Mrs K Beardmore

Y6 and Deputy Head, St Andrews Primary, Weston, Stafford, UK

“the most useful personal development session I’ve ever had”


Teacher, Lawley Village Primary, Telford, UK

“Thank you for sharing your creativity. You have a gift!”

Melanie Scott

School Counselor, Kansas, US

“I love using your meditation MP3s with my class. They love them.”

Karren Aitken


“Just wanted to tell you that I tried your Harry Potter lesson with my Year 5s this week and they really enjoyed it. It really helped centre some of the more energetic children. Thank you so much for sharing your work.”

Carly Bain


“Kate is lovely, approachable and wants the very best for the children. The children really enjoyed the session. They have simple techniques to use, especially in the lead up to the SATs”

Jennifer Seabright

Y6 and Deputy Head, Alexandra Park Juniors, Oldham, UK

“As a Y6 teacher I would definitely recommend this session for any class – it was excellent” 

Mrs L Collins

Y6 teacher, St Andrews CE Primary, Weston, Stafford, UK

“Thank you so much for these resources. I used your Harry Potter one and my class loved it. I think they will like this one even more.”

Laura Ardy

Teacher, Glasgow, UK

“Before downloading your e-book and accessing your ‘releasing your worries’ meditation track I was a very stressed out trainee teacher so I thank you for your generosity by sharing such a great resource.”

Rachel Rushton

Trainee Teacher

“I have just read your Star Wars script and I have been blown away. What a wonderful business you have started. I am a teaching assistant and time and time again throughout different schools in Nottinghamshire I see that children need our help so much to have the tools which provide them with the skills to unwind, take control or switch off. It’s wonderful what you are doing”

Janine Roberts

Teaching Assistant, Nottinghamshire

“Hi Kate, I had to message you. I finally got round to teaching the minion script of yours and couldn’t believe the effects it had! I split my class into 2 (only had 7 so that helped!) and took the more profound children first. I adapted it so that the more profound and complex children just did the various poses and breathing, within their own capabilities. Oh my gosh…. I had one of my boys with ASD, who rarely does anything PE based, joining in and doing a fantastic ‘cat/cow pose and transitioning well between the 2. We also focussed a lot on the breathing, which again they really worked fantastic with and could sense it helped them. In the background I had relaxing music on, which for my my children really helped to set the ambience, and the lights off. I felt my worries and stresses melting away, so know the children must have! The next group of children (who would be able to follow the story) again, were amazing, (one particular child with AHD even managed too be quiet for the deep an relaxing story time Breathing!) they loved the story as they love minions! It really was a calmer classroom! Thank you. Can’t wait to try Star Wars as one of mine with challenging behaviours is motivated by the force!”

Sarah Farrar

SEND Teacher

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