About Calmer Classrooms

With over twenty five years experience working as a teacher, and with families, I know how stressful schools can be. It is my mission to help create calmer classrooms all around the world. Children need focused, calm environments where teachers can teach and children can learn. Only then can they support each other on their educational journey. I began supporting wellbeing in schools in 2015 and since then have helped many schools to create calmer classrooms.

Although I now live in Stafford, and love it here, I was born and raised in Leeds and will always be a Yorkshire lass in my heart.

Having taught for several years I took a break when I had my daughter. Before I could return to teaching I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour and a condition called Acromegaly.  This meant a complete change of direction.

I retrained in holistic therapies,  mindfulness and meditation but couldn’t completely leave schools, as that is my calling. So I combined my skills and began creating resources and training for schools, helping teachers and students care for their mental health. 

I feel very fortunate to still be able to help teachers and their classes whilst also making sure that my own health is a priority.

Who is Mojo?

My maternal grandparents were very influential helping me grow mindfully. My Grandad Joe in particular taught me so much.

When they passed a few years ago I decided I would like something to remind me of them in the garden, because they both loved being in nature. I was at a garden centre one day and fell in love with a baby elephant ornament.

I have always loved elephants and it just seemed perfect.

I named my elephant Mojo, because my grandparents were Mary Outhwaite (MO) and Joseph Outhwaite (JO). So when I was creating a character to guide children through my mindfulness and relaxation programmes having an elephant called Mojo just seemed perfect.

He has certainly helped me get my Mojo back many times over the years.

I hope you love him as much as I do!

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