Children’s Meditation MP3s 

These meditations have been created to help your children stay calm and contented, and even help them sleep. They are suitable for children of all ages, and they work even better if you all listen to them together.  

Meditation is proven to: 

  • help children regulate their emotions
  • reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • teach children how to breathe properly
  • build resilience
  • physically change the brain to create calmer reactions in stressful situations
  • improve focus


(All words written by Kate Beddow and custom music and production by the amazing IBMedia.)


What do they sound like? 

 Have a listen to a couple of demo versions of my meditation tracks below, they really are magical.

Time to buy?

You can buy all my children’s meditations on Drift Away, the album, or download just the tracks which appeal to you. Simply click on the images for more information and to buy your copy.

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