What do you make a priority in your life?

What are your priorities?

I’m sure I’m not alone in having different priorities for different parts of my life.

Work Priorities


Projects to complete


Daily emails which have to be scheduled

Creating new resources…

Family Priorities

Spending time with the children and my hubby

Making sure we make time to visit my family in Yorkshire

Spending time with my in laws

Making sure the kids are growing into compassionate and independent young people…

House Priorities

Decorating my daughter’s bedroom

Painting the bathroom…


You get the idea.


I’m sitting here typing and feeling a little frustrated with myself.

What came first?


Working in the gardenNow I can try to tell myself that that’s because I’m working now so that’s the mode my brain is in. But the reality is that during the week my priorities do tend to revolve around work, particularly during the day. My diary is carefully colour coded to make it easy to see who needs to be where and what blocks of time I have to fit everything else into. I do make sure I take time for myself too.

Treating myself while getting work is often my compromise. (I’m writing this in the garden – my happy place on a sunny day. It’s my reward for getting my accounts and tax return completed this morning). 

Getting plenty of sleep, is vital otherwise I know I don’t function as efficiently as I should. Making sure I eat well, for the most part, because I know that I feel more tired and have less energy if I do. Laughing, a lot and singing a lot and getting outside in fresh air and nature every opportunity I get all help me to feel like my needs are being met.

Life gets busy!

Sometimes life get so busy. The last few months I have had four really big projects to complete (two are still ongoing!) and I have had to prioritise; I haven’t written as many blogs, I haven’t created as many new lesson plans and I haven’t been on social media as much as usual.

I needed to make sure that I got my priorities right.

For me, that meant:

  • not hurting my body by running on adrenaline by trying to be everything to every one.
  • making sure that my additional work commitments impacted on my family as little as possible
  • looking after my health by eating and sleeping properly
  • breaking everything down into bite sized manageable pieces.

It’s amazing how breaking things down makes them feel more manageable.

What I suggest is that you find something little, that you can do every day, which you make a priority to help you feel happy.

All too often we prioritise work, family, housework… and forget to prioritise ourselves and our happiness.

A small shift in your priorities can have a huge impact on your life.

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you will know that what we focus on grows. If we are always focusing on how much work we have and how little time, then guess what we will attract? When you focus on how much time you have for yourself and how happy you are with your life, you will have more time and grow in happiness every day.

Maybe make your priority a gratitude practice? Creating a gratitude journal is a wonderful thing to do to help you to focus on the positives. There are lots of ideas for introducing gratitude into your classroom in my Gratitude blog.

Is your priority is getting fit and you want to find time to go for a run every week, or go to the gym twice a week?

Perhaps you love baking and you want to find more time to bake?

What is stopping you from making time?

If it is really important to you, make it a priority and do it. You might not get the ironing done or the dusting may wait a few days. The world will not stop spinning because you took time to make yourself a priority.

What are you going to make a priority this week?

If you want to make learning mindfulness in an accessible and pressure free context a priority find out more about the all new “and breathe…” daily programme. It is simply a friendly and informative daily email. It helps you learn mindfulness techniques and helps you stay stress free and calm every day.

I’m ready to prioritise myself and my mental health!

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