Harry Potter FREE mindfulness lesson plan

The Harry Potter books are some of the most magical books ever written so what could be more magical than using them as a springboard to create some real life magic? By creating a relaxation and mindfulness lesson around these well-known characters and settings you can engage pupils in a beautifully calming lesson which not only calms their body and mind but also engages their imaginations.

As our young students work their way through our modern education system their time at school can be far from magical. The pressures of SATs and continuous assessments and tests can cause anxiety and stress among our children. Why not introduce some truly magical life skills to help calm our little wizards and allow them to stay sparkly and in control of their emotional health.

J.K. Rowling’s magical characters lend themselves perfectly to being used for a range of lesson ideas. Once you have introduced this lesson to your class why not get them to continue the story and write their own Harry Potter relaxation lesson?

If you are looking for a fun and imaginative way to introduce your class to relaxation and mindfulness why not download my Harry Potter relaxation lesson plan and give it a go:

Harry Potter – relaxation lesson

I now have a wide range of lesson plans for the whole Early Years and Primary age range available in my shop. Please take a look if you have found this lesson helpful.

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