I am delighted to be able to share an amazing guest blog with you today from Sam Livermore, Alchemy You, she is a Life coach and Goal Mapping Practitioner (www.alchemy-you.com). She works with children and teachers to educate them about the importance of teaching children not just what to learn, but how to learn and how to think. I hope you enjoy her post about goal mapping.

I believe that teaching our children how to think is far better than teaching them what to think. There is so much focus in education on getting to a certain level by a particular age but I feel that the way the system is set up we are not teaching our children the most effective way of achieving their goals.

All goals are tied to an emotion and if we don’t know why we are aiming for something we will give up or put in the least amount of effort required. So many children in education are in this situation, they are given a target to learn a particular thing but don’t know what it will lead to or why it’s important to them, so they opt out or underachieve and unless it causes a huge burden on the classroom or the family they go under the radar and it’s not addressed. Learning how to set and achieve goals is a fundamental tool of life.

It really saddens me that we are not giving a generation of children the tools to achieve their dreams. When I worked in education with children that were underachieving because of social or emotional issues my main focus was on finding out the why. Why they are not achieving or enjoying school, may times it was because there was no purpose behind what they was learning. When we looked at what they wanted to achieve in life, what that would then lead to and how it would make them feel it switched on the purpose of why they were learning a particular thing. It’s so much easier to engage in any activity when you know why you are doing it. I can’t even remember how many times at school I asked the teacher ‘Why are we doing this?’ and was told ‘Because’ but not given an actual explanation!


This is why I am now passionate about a technique called Goal Mapping. It can be used by any age, adults and children. Where traditional goal setting techniques focus on left brain words, using endless repetition, goal mapping uses words and imagery – the language of the subconscious. I really enjoy teaching it to children in particular because they don’t need to be a great speller or enjoy writing and it gets them to focus not only on what they want in life but why they want it. When we know why we want something the how takes care of itself. The seven magic keys to success which are the principles behind it teach why positive thinking is important when it comes to setting goals. Children are much more in touch with their creative self, which comes from the right brain, when we think from the right brain we are more open to possibilities. Goal mapping can be used in so many ways, as individual or groups or as a family. Anything you want to achieve you can Goal Map it!

Child's goal map

This is a Goal Map from a boy aged 10 who wants to be an engineer or inventor when he leaves school. His Goal Map shows his main goal in the centre of getting his university degree and all the things he will enjoy when he gets there. At the bottom are the steps he will take to get there and who will help him. What I really love about this is that his teacher

had no idea that was what he wanted to do! She just saw him as a lively boy who loved football.

That’s why Goal Mapping is so powerful; it brings out our greatest dreams onto paper and moves us towards how we can achieve them. If we can get children to learn effective goal setting at an early age we can have a generation of great thinkers.

Sam Livermore - Alchemy You

 Sam Livermore – Alchemy You 

Life coach and Goal Mapping Practitioner


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