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Who is this package suitable for?

Calmer Classrooms with Mojo (a daily mindfulness and wellbeing programme) was created for the primary/elementary age range (4-11 year olds) although it can be used with any age group with very little modification. The Wellbeing Week Resource Pack contains everything you need to celebrate a whole week of wellbeing in your primary school (age 4-11 years). Meditation with Mojo (whole school meditation programme) and Mindful Moments with Mojo  (after school club pack) are not age specific and are suitable for any age range.

These resources are very simply structured and can be dipped into or followed as schemes, whatever works best for your setting.

The programmes build mindfulness, wellbeing and meditation skills.  They allow the children to slowly build their skill set as they work through the activities and worksheets.

The lessons should be revisited regularly to remind the children of the techniques they have learned. Over time they will slowly build a comprehensive emotional toolkit to help them with anxiety, focus, self confidence and self-regulation.

“I’m loving the whole school programme. My class P3) are looking forward to that part of the day already. And they’re talking about ‘Take a Breath Tuesday’, ‘Wake up your Body Wednesday’ etc. My favourite moment so far was when 3 of the pupils had finished their work and asked if they should get a game. I said we only had 2 mins left until tidy up time so it really wasn’t worth getting a game out. One of them then said, “I know, we can meditate” and they happily took off their shoes, sat on cushions and closed their eyes. So cute.”

Fiona MacNab

Teacher, Scotland, UK

There are many benefits of mindfulness:

  • Increased focus and concentration.
  • Reduced stress for pupils and teachers.
  • Raised self-awareness.
  • Increased empathy and understanding of others.
  • More cohesive school-wide culture.
  • Improved conflict-resolution skills.
  • Increased feeling of calm.
  • Better self-regulation in challenging circumstances.

Included in this package:

Calmer Classrooms with Mojo

This programme is an affordable and comprehensive way to introduce basic wellbeing techniques as well as mindfulness based relaxation, meditation and yoga to your school. It enables you to deliver mindfulness without any additional training. Written for beginners it allows you to learn the techniques along with your class.

It includes:

  • Comprehensive Teacher Notes
  • Daily PowerPoint to help you deliver the content effortlessly
  • MP3s of all the meditations included in the programme
  • Worksheets
  • Posters to help you create interactive displays 

Meditation with Mojo

This resource has everything you need to start whole school meditation practice including 35 custom created meditation tracks. This enables you to have a different piece of music every day of the week and also increase the length of time children are meditating for as they grow through the school.



Wellbeing Week Resource Pack

Everything you need to host a Wellbeing Week in your primary school. All the activities have suggestions for differentiation by age or are differentated by outcome. With wellbeing everyone can do the same activity and get something different out of it depending on their life experience and abilities.

The extensive Teachers Notes explain the activities in full and contain all the worksheets required and the PowerPoint explains the activities for the children and has the MP3s embedded in it.

Wellbeing Week

Mindful Moments with Mojo

My new 8 week After School Club Pack which has details session plans for eight 1 hour lessons to help you introduce mindfulness.

Each session focuses on one aspect of mindfulness and gives information about the benefits of that practice as well as sun activities, relaxation techniques and ends with a relevant exercise to send the children home feeling calm and happy.


  • a draft letter to make this as easy as possible to introduce to your parents
  • a library of over 60 individual lesson plans based around popular primary themes and stories
  • meditation mp3s
  • posters
  • website resources
  • and so much more…

“Children in my class are experts at using breathing techniques from Calmer Classrooms programme, saw one child using them the other day when they were in a pickle”

Helen Morris

Class Teacher, Oak Meadow Primary, Shrewsbury, UK

 The Works is everything I have ever created for school wellbeing and is only £300.  It includes Calmer Classrooms with MojoMeditation with Mojo, Wellbeing Week Resource Pack, Mindful Moments with Mojo, access to all my mindfulness and relaxation lesson plans (which are  an ever-growing resource already worth in excess of £200), meditation MP3s, posters, cards and many other wonderful resources for your school.

My School Wellbeing Programme can also now be bought without updates and all the additional programmes. The button below takes you to just the School Wellbeing and Mindfulness programme without all the other resources.

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