Our wellbeing has never been more important.

It has never been more important to support our children’s wellbeing, and we can’t do that without caring for our own wellbeing. If you need help nurturing the wellbeing the children in your class you are in the right place.

Wellbeing Resources for Children

 Do you need help delivering simple and affordable wellbeing in your school?

As OFSTED focus even more on the growing issue of mental health and wellbeing in schools Calmer Classrooms can provide all the resources you will ever need to keep your school calm, happy and focused.

Whether your class are feeling anxious about assessments or you are looking to implement a whole school mindfulness or meditation programme these resources will take all the stress out of creating a Calmer Classroom.

Calmer Classrooms has the most comprehensive range of wellbeing and mindfulness resources for schools in its price bracket. All Calmer Classrooms resources are designed to be taught by non-specialist teachers. No additional training is required. The resources are created exclusively by me Kate Beddow, for Calmer Classrooms. It is my aim to create the highest quality, most practical resources for schools possible. I appreciate that time and budget have a huge impact on decision making for teachers, that’s why my resources require as little as 5 minutes a day and cost as little as £2.00!

Even small changes have a huge impact on your wellbeing and your children’s wellbeing too.

Immediate access is available when resources are bought online.

Invoices can be sent for all resources and subscriptions if required.

Please contact me with details of which product you require, your name, school name and full address and the email the invoice should be sent to. Invoices can usually be sent out within 24hrs. Resources or log in details are sent out as soon as payment is received.


 In order to keep my resources fresh and current I am constantly creating new resources. If this is important to you there are two ways to subscribe to Calmer Classrooms; a Teacher Subscription (which gives you a personal resource to use with your class on an individual level) and a School Subscription (which is designed to give you everything you need to deliver wellbeing and mindfulness as a school). 

School Subscription – £200 a year

This package has everything you need to deliver mindfulness and relaxation in your school.

It is a subscription package as the resources are constantly updated and added to.

You also have exclusive access to Calmer Classrooms with Mojo (my whole school mindfulness programme) and Meditation with Mojo (my whole school meditation programme) as well as Mindful Moments with Mojo (my new 8 week after school club pack) and all my individual lesson plans and MP3s.

You get information to send to parents and display on your website and as with all my packages I am continually adding resources so this is a growing resource to keep up with your needs.

Find out more information about my school resources before you sign up.

Perfect for: schools, charities* and larger organisations

*Contact me for more information if you are a registered charity as I offer a special discount

Teacher Subscription – £30 a year

This package gives you access to over 50 mindfulness and relaxation lesson plans and MP3s. The lesson plans are designed to be led by anyone with any level of experience.

I am constantly adding to the library and encourage suggestions for new lesson plans.

View my current library

Perfect for: teachers, homeschoolers, childminders, after school clubs, group leaders

Teacher Library

Teacher Membership Monthly Option – £3 a month

My most affordable package gives you access to over 50 mindfulness and relaxation lesson plans and MP3s. You get everything included in the annual teacher membership but for just £3 a month.

I am constantly adding to the library and encourage suggestions for new lesson plans.

View my current library

Perfect for: teachers, homeschoolers, childminders, after school clubs, group leaders

Resources to buy

If you are unable to subscribe at the moment why not buy my resources individually?  


* Please be aware that when you buy Calmer Classrooms with Mojo as a stand alone resource you do not get any updates.

Calmer Classrooms with Mojo – £200

Calmer Classrooms with Mojo is my Primary School Wellbeing and Mindfulness Programme. It comprises five daily powerpoints covering the five key elements of mindfulness; Meditation, Breath, Movement, Thought and Feelings. These can be used as daily sessions but don’t have to be taught on the designated days. You also receive a Teacher Handbook with all the worksheets and resources you need. All MP3s for the meditations are built into the powerpoints. You also get a set of breathing posters, cards and documents to help you introduce wellbeing and mindfulness to your school (information for your website, graphics etc). 

Teacher Library – £50 for 50 Lesson Plans

 If you would rather buy all my lesson plans without any future updates you can now buy 50 of my best loved wellbeing and mindfulness lesson plans for just £50,  just £1 each!

To find out more about which lessons are included and who they are suitable for click the button below.  

Wellbeing Week Resource Pack – £50

Everything you need to host a Wellbeing Week in your primary school. All the activities have suggestions for differentiation by age or are differentiated by outcome. The extensive Teachers Notes explain the activities in full and contain all the worksheets required and the PowerPoint explains the activities for the children and has the MP3s embedded in it.

This pack contains:
22 activities
12 worksheets
2 MP3s. 

Perfect for: after primary schools, charities, Brownies, Cubs, Cadets etc

Wellbeing Week

Mindful Moments with Mojo – After School Pack – £35

Mindful Moments with Mojo is a comprehensive 8 week mindfulness after school club pack

The teacher notes are so detailed that these sessions can be led by anyone with any level of experience.

In just one hour a week your group will cover the basic elements of mindfulness and have valuable tools for life.

Perfect for: after school clubs, lunchtime clubs, Brownies, Cubs, Cadets etc

Individual Lesson Plans – starting at only £3.00

These lessons are created around a story or topic and provide everything you need to enjoy a one off relaxation lesson.

They are designed to be used with no previous experience. All techniques are explained in detail and you are given a full script for the session.

In addition all lessons include assessment forms and some also include an MP3.

Perfect for: testing the water


Children’s Meditation MP3s

If you are looking for guided meditations to help calm your children, or even help them sleep when they are at home, these are perfect. Meditation is proven to help with a range of physical and emotional health needs.

At just £1.50 each or £10 for the full album this is money well spent if your children are feeling anxious or uptight. 


If you are looking for help to support your staff wellbeing, or feel that you would benefit from some support introducing mindfulness and wellbeing in your school I am able to offer training both in person and online and cater the sessions to suit your needs.

Find out more.

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Please read my Terms and Conditions before making any purchase as by buying my products you are agreeing to abide by them.

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