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By creating high quality, easily accessible mindfulness and relaxation resources and providing schools with training we are able to give you all the tools you need to help your children handle anxiety and stress.


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Calmer Classrooms with Mojo, the whole school mindfulness programme is ready!

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Calmer Classrooms is a true labour of love. I have designed it to be easy to implement for even a total novice and the most affordable whole school programme I have found by a long way. Unlike some whole school mindfulness programmes this can be taught by anyone with teaching skills, no training needed. I have included comprehensive notes and all the resources you need. It will be updated regularly so will grow as your skills grow.





A small group of schools from all around the world have been using the programme for almost a year now and the teachers there have been helping me to perfect the resources.


This is what they have said about Calmer Classrooms whole school programme:


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Kate BeddowHaving worked in education for many years Kate Beddow has seen how the job has changed and how your priorities, as a teacher, have been squeezed. Statistics and assessments have overwhelmed much of teaching and learning. As a qualified holistic therapist and teacher, she is in a unique position to help you. By combining her skills she has created lessons and training sessions which she delivers in schools across the country. She has also created lesson plans, and training sessions for you, so you can teach your students about the importance of good mental health, wherever you live. Give your pupils mindfulness and relaxation tools to help them deal with the pressures of assessment. If you do, you are giving them the tools to navigate life with calm and focus, and their results will improve too. I use a combination of simple relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques. It is possible to improve everyone’s mental health in just 5-10 minutes a day. I have worked with children for over 20 years, and experienced the many sides of education first hand. Unfortunately I have witnessed an alarming rise in the number of teachers and pupils suffering from stress and anxiety. I am dedicated to helping schools with their emotional health and well-being.


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